Ringtone API PHP Script – includes 10 lakhs of ringtones in the API & PHP Script

Ringtone API and PHP Script

Ringtone API & PHP Script With 10 Lakh+ Data

Codehap.com presents a new ringtone script with a core PHP ringtone API-based PHP script that comes with or more than 10 lakh ringtone databases. lets us provide you with some screenshot and details about our ringtone PHP script

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Key Features of Ringtone Script

  1. Feature to play ringtone before downloading.
  2. Your Own Mp3 Tags (Sitename & Default Banner image)
  3. Automatic XML Sitemap
  4. Support multiple types of URLs.
  5. Social sharing buttons
  6. No Need for any API key
  7. No FFMPEG Required
  8. Glyphicons icons
  9. inbuilt Custom Music Player
  10. Advertisements ready
  11. Responsive design (Mobile Friendly )
  12. Fully Automated
  13. SEO optimized
  14. OpenGraph meta tags
  15. HTTPS SSL supported
  16. No database required
  17. Easy install

Related Auto Tag Suggestion

What are Related Tags?

screenshot-ringtone api tags .codehap.co
ringtone api tags .codehap.co

These Tags are ways to sort the ringtones into taxonomies, so people/visitors can find more ringtones on the same category or topic quickly and efficiently, directly or indirectly your visitors stay or spend more time on your site, and we know the bounce rate is counted on users spend time, bounce rate is the effect on SEO, if visitors are not spending more time then your bounce time are high so TAGS are helped to maintain bounce time as low as possible and it’s good for your site SEO.

Ringtone API & PHP Script Having a function for the ringtone-related tags will help to make more links in the Google search console or sitemap


Most of the site owners know about mp3 file tags. when the user is downloading an mp3 audio file, the site name will be displayed before the file name and default image like the site logo or any thing you want to display when the ringtone is playing in the player. this function uses external library getid3

Automatic XML Sitemap

Automated generated and a dynamic sitemap will auto-update as new content are available on the homepage.

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a list of URLs where you provide information about the ringtones on your site, and it helps Search engines like Google read this file to more intelligently crawl your site. XML sitemaps help Google to know all your important pages. XML sitemaps help to rank in Google for good SEO, Sitemaps allow Google and other search engines to quickly find your important website pages, even if your internal linking isn’t perfect.

Ringtone Search Function

Codehap.com ringtone api php script search box
ringtone API php script search box

The search function helps visitors to find their favorite ringtones easily, as I mentioned in the tags section same Search function are also helps to maintain the bounce rate.

Benefits and reasons to buy ringtone script

Instant Live Site –> Just unzip the file and your site is ready with more than 1 million of ringtone data

Bootstrap 4+ –> We use Bootstrap 4 latest versions with CDN that make the site load fast.

Inbuilt Custom Audio Player –> We Developed a custom audio player that helps users to take a preview ringtone audio before downloading.

Requirements for ringtone API script

  • allow_url_fopen enabled
  • mod_rewrite
  • PHP, cURL, mastering ( Any PHP Version is Supported )

Need Custom Modification?

Ringtone API and PHP script are automated, but do you still need any modifications? Our Developers are charged very minimally as depend on your requirement.

How to Install Script?

It’s very easy to install CodeHap.com ringtone API base PHP Script

  1. Upload Zip File On Your Hosting Panel
  2. open your domain in a browser
  3. enter your domain URL
  4. Click the Run Install button
  5. and it’s done

Need Help for installation?

We provide free installation Service as a part of our free 1-year support policy that comes with any product.