PHP YouTube Converter – Youtube To Mp3 and Mp4 youtube video downloader script

YouTube Converter - YouTube To Mp3 Core PHP Ajax Based Script

Youtube video downloader script Demo

How do you make a YouTube script downloader?

Youtube converter PHP script is an upcoming trend in website builders, youtube video downloader is the most famous and top searching keyword to gain high traffic from search engines. so here are the steps on how you can make your own youtube downloader website.

  • Step 1 | Click here and Buy/Download the PHP script
  • Step 2 | Upload On any Hosting Server
  • Step 3 | Unzip files into the root folder
  • Step 4 | open config.php and add domain details and path

DONE Your Youtube video downloader website is ready in just the easiest 4 steps. if you facing any errors or you didn’t know how to install we always provide free installation. to get free installation go to my account and below the listed product you will see a button called support ticket just click and fill the form, under a 4 to 24hrs your query or an installation will be solved

Youtube video downloader script

in this section, there are many developers are provide a Youtube video downloader script but that code needs additional support like node.js or python but our script runs on almost any hosting service even on shared hosting.

Youtube downloader PHP script 2022

in 2022 youtube’s algorithm is changed and the old script didn’t work, we just updated our script to work on all videos and provide download links in all formats mp3 and mp4 even in 4k.

Youtube converter script

as you all know youtube is a video platform and doesn’t provide mp3 so we need to convert youtube videos into audio format like.mp3 and our Youtube converter PHP script support this function and provide.mp3 files in the below-listed byte rates

Audio Formats

Mp3 320kbps
Mp3 256kbps
Mp3 192kbps
Mp3 128kbps
Mp3 64kbps

video formats

720 MP4
360 MP4
1080 MKV
1080 WEBM
720 MKV
720 WEBM
720 MKV
720 WEBM
480 MKV
360 MKV
240 MKV
240 WEBM
144 MKV
144 WEBM

Video downloader script in PHP

we made a clean and core PHP script to download youtube videos using PHP curl you didn’t need any special things to do just follow the upper steps and your Video downloader PHP website is ready

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