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Youtube Video Search Engine Php Script - Official Youtube Data Api V3 With Advanced 2-level Cache

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Using The Auto-suggest Feature, Visitors Can Search For Any Videos Using The YouTube Data API V3 With A Preview Of The Video.All Pages Are SEO Optimized With OpenGraph Meta Tags And Have A Search Engine-friendly URL Structure, Perfect For Search Engines Like Google To Crawl And Index Your Website.

New Features

Advanced 2level Cache Helps To Save API Limit Up To 5 Times And Other Features Such As Minify Html, Minify CSS, Enable Gzip Compression, Leverage Browser Caching, Add Expires Headers, Combine CSS, Combine JS, And Disable Emoji.

  • Generating Static HTML Files
  • Minify Html 
  • Minify CSS 
  • Enable Gzip Compression – Reduce The Size Of Files Sent From Your Server To Increase The Speed To Which They Are Transferred To The Browser
  • Leverage Browser Caching – Reduce Page Load Times For Repeat Visitors
  • Combine CSS – Reduce The Number Of HTTP Round-trips By Combining Multiple CSS Resources Into One
  • Combine JS
  • Disable Emoji 

Other Features

  • Advance 2-level Cache Functionally
  • Auto Search Suggests Functionally
  • Auto Save Recent Searches
  • Auto Save Recent Downloads
  • Download Multi-format Function
  • Multiple (Random) Api Keys Function
  • Auto Sitemap Generate
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimized
  • OpenGraph Meta Tags
  • HTTPS SSL Supported
  • No Database Required
  • works On Unlimited Domains

on The Date 3rd, July 2021 Official Page Of YouTube Data API - Quota Has Delivered 10000 Videos Per Day That Can Be Served By One Project Or One API Key. If We Consider This Limit Then One API Key Can Handle 2000 Visitors With Our Advanced 2-level Cache Functionality. It Means If We Add 25 API Key Which Works Randomly Then 50000 Visitors Can Be Handled Per Day. And There Is No Limit To Adding API Keys, You Can Add As Many As You Can. The Above Analyst Is Approx And Can Be Various.

Support & Updates
  • Free Installation
  • 1 year Free Support
  • Life Time Free Updates
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